[pointerevents] Defining event orders through a "state of the input device" (#438)

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== Defining event orders through a "state of the input device" ==
While working on #437, I realized that a section on "state of the input device" would be useful.  I came up with [this tentative diagram](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JZRsDN7fkHKlEv99tdMfpTe9G5LvARArfyX-EUHIwT0), wanted to check other people's thoughts.

Here are some benefits I can see:
A. Current spec wording indirectly imply such a state hierarchy, but this is not obvious.
B. The open issues (#285, #357, #400) on event ordering could benefit from this.
C. Device-disconnection vs panning/zooming/DnD lead to two different state of the pointing device.  This is not mentioned anywhere.  Discussion on hoverable stylus gets confusing without it.
D. We may need to clarify the state distinction in [C] even for #203.
E. The spec is silent that touch-pointers cannot be in "active state" outside "active button state".  As a result, `pointerout`/`pointerleave` events may appear to mark a transition to inactive state which is clearly wrong.

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