Re: [pointerevents] Inconsistent ordering of `pointerleave` events during touch interactions (#431)

ah sorry, i clearly went off on a tangent there and missed the actual point.

so your demo doesn't even log `pointerout` (so suspect that if it did, it would show it coming straight after `pointerup`.

your concern is about the `click`? in which case no, what's listed there in the mapping section is in a NOTE, which is non-normative (and was written ages ago, if memory serves ... probably before the time the whole "MUST fire `pointerout` and `pointerleave`" part of the spec was nailed down).

I'll update the NOTE to make it match reality, as yes it's only there as a suggested order, and that suggestion now clearly clashes with what the spec says normatively earlier on.

sorry for the confusion

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