[pointerevents] Pull Request: Reword altitudeAngle note, expand tiltX and tiltY explanation

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== Reword altitudeAngle note, expand tiltX and tiltY explanation ==
- the previous wording of the note was confusing - the sentence was back-to-front, and the "This correlates to" added to the confusion
- the "to the right" / "towards the user" wording for `tiltX` and `tiltY`, while correct, does not match the "increasing X values" wording used for `azimuthAngle`. This expands the definition, making it more comprehensive.

One slight concern: because the coordinate system for on-screen values uses right-hand axes, and the default axes in 3D apps (which were used to make the diagrams) are left-hand axes, there's now a mismatch in the apparent direction of the Y axis - in the diagrams, it seems to imply that Y values increase when moving away from the user, not towards the user. The diagrams may have to be tweaked to have a right-hand coordinate system (if that's easy/possible to do)

See https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/pull/422

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