Re: [pointerevents] Relationship between main pointer event and coalesced events (#409)


> I don't know what @jakearchibald meant by "the event was created by the browser".

Developers can call `new PointerEvent(…)` and pass in their own values. I'm talking about trusted `PointerEvent`s created by the browser in response to a pointer move.

> But if we were to stick with the idealogy of devs should either work purely with the dispatched `event`s alone or with the `event.getCoaelscedEvents()` then an event should always have a coalesced event.


> Otherwise this logic of `if event.getCoaelscedEvents() is empty then use event` will lurk into all codes.

That's what I had to add

I think the spec needs an algorithm for "reacting to a pointer update", which details how values are updated and events are dispatched. This would include updating the coalesced event list, flushing deferred events, hit testing, targeting etc etc.

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