Re: [pointerevents] Notes with normative (SHOULD/MUST) statements (#405)

a few more stragglers:

* note in - make the note normative (about compat events and how the button/buttons should follow UIEVENTS)
* note in ... contains "may" and "should", but not sure how strongly this is intended. they're not capitalised, but may give impression of being MAY and SHOULD in normative sense?
* first note in right at the end contains a "should" - i'd reword that to avoid the word altogether
* first note in "user agents may apply their own heuristics to determine whether or not a click or contextmenu event should be fired" ... i'd reword to remove the "should"
* second note in - i'd make the note normative text (and change "id" to "`pointerId`")
* note in "the values of those (inherited) attributes in PointerEvents must be null to encourage the use of the standardized alternates" - suggest rewording this, as it's more of a strong suggestion than something we can/want to normatively demand

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