Re: [pointerevents] Add note about rounding coordinates for click, auxclick, contextmenu (#404)

> we don't normatively, explicitly, actually say this in our spec at the moment, right? A UA could implement PEs but with `long` rather than `double`? (as normatively the WebIDL only says we extend `MouseEvent`, and the CSSOM change is mentioned in an informative note only.
> > we can't move MouseEvent coordinates away from long for compat reasons
> but IF a user agent decided to apply the CSSOM fractional coordinates to their regular MouseEvent as well, then rounding click/auxclick/contextmenu to `long` would then cause the same weird mismatch, no? or is the expectation that the CSSOM change will never actually make it to regular MouseEvent ?

I ruled out this consideration because this is known to be impractical, therefore presumed all UAs ignore CSSOM extension for MouseEvents.  After seeing (again!) that this can't be normative in the PE spec, I am finally able to see the motivation of your last patch.  Phew!

> > The two points above are orthogonal to compat MouseEvents.
> yes and my PR doesn't mention compat events. when I talk about MouseEvent, I mean the actual ones.

Looks like I misinterpreted "regular MouseEvent" as "compat MouseEvent", for no good reason!  I am taking back my compat event points.

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