Minutes from Pointer Events WG call 17 March 2021

Dear all,

minutes from today's call are at 
https://www.w3.org/2021/03/17-pointerevents-minutes.html and also copied 

17 March 2021

Liviu, mustaq, Patrick_h_lauke, plh, smaug
Patrick H. Lauke
Patrick H. Lauke


* Reword/expand touch-action definition 
* Major refactoring: refer to "direct manipulation" rather than "touch" 

Meeting minutes

plh: i have a few administrative things to mention

plh: charter has been approved, we have a new PEWG for the next 2 years. 
business as usual

plh: we have a new calendar system, used PEWG as a guinea pig. you 
probably saw notifications on mailing list. will keep working with 
Patrick as well

plh: you can opt out of personal notifications on website if you want

mustaq: Liviu did not get notifications

plh: it might be if you're not part of working group. ask chris wilson 
to add you and it should all work

Reword/expand touch-action definition 

[Discussion around "continuous zoom" and how it's an unfamiliar - made 
up - term. Suggestion that we *can* mention gesture names more directly 
(e.g. "pinch to zoom") as long as we don't try and *define* gestures.]

Patrick: I can iterate on the wording a bit more by end of this week. If 
we could all look at github before next meeting and see if it makes sense.

ACTION: Patrick to tweak wording further, review for next meeting

Major refactoring: refer to "direct manipulation" rather than "touch" 
mustaq: [mentions the tension of "direct manipulation" as an ambiguous term]

Patrick: as we're making up terms, maybe we could say "direct 
touchscreen manipulation" (which covers touch AND stylus)

mustaq: this could still be confusing for situations like Wacom stylus, 
which is not on a touchscreen/direct

Patrick: but OS treats it as if it were

<mustaq> I don't think in Chrome we differentiate between on-screen vs 
off-screen stylus.

<mustaq> But that's a futuristic question for us to resolve!

Patrick: the situation is difficult either way. we won't be able to 
craft a term that covers all scenarios. but perhaps "direct touchscreen 
manipulation" covers the majority of what we want to say (not just 
finger/touch, but also stylus, but not mouse) and accept that Wacom type 
scenarios may be "weird"

Patrick: i'd say let me try and see what the PR would look like with 
"direct touchscreen manipulation" in place. discuss on github for next 
meeting. it could well be that we can find something we're happy with. 
OR we may need to think of a completely fresh new approach. could even 
pull in some people who are not familiar with the spec to see if it 
makes sense to mere mortals

ACTION: Patrick to tweak language to say "direct touchscreen 
manipulation", group to review for next time

plh: [mentions that even though nothing changes for us, our ACs need to 
confirm that we are officially rejoining the PEWG]

Patrick: thank you everybody. let's keep an eye on github and hopefully 
we can come up with wording for these two items that we can at a minimum 
live with, but ideally that make sense/are good. and hopefully by next 
meeting we can merge something.

Patrick H. Lauke

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