Re: [pointerevents] Add figures for altitudeAngle and azimuthAngle (#378)

I did have a play without all/some of the axes, but subjectively felt that keeping them helped in working out their relationship to the other two old diagrams. I might leave them as is for now, but would love to get all of them consistently redone (including the `tiltX` / `tiltY` ones, which always confuse me the longer I look at them) at some point after v3 (hoping my 3D skills improve a bit more by then, as this was hastily knocked up in sketchup with ready-made models, and the tilt diagrams will need some more manual adding of planes etc).

But yeah, this has been something I've wanted to add for a long a more visual person myself, it definitely helped ME conceptualise what was actually going on with those attributes :)

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