Re: [pointerevents] Clarify whether touch contact must fire a `pointerrawupdate` event (#373)

> i.e. it's saying "pointer changes button state", not limiting it to just chorded button interactions
> and doesn't say anything about not firing any pointermove events, from what I can see.
> unless i'm missing something somewhere non-obvious...

I don't think you are missing anything. That's probably why `pointerrawupdate` description also states the same thing as I probably just copy pasted from `pointermove` description. But I know browsers today do not fire a `pointermove` for the first button depressed and the last button released and instead fire `pointerdown` and `pointerup` respectively.

> when a touch "appears" on a touchscreen the button state is not really changed, as the pointer only just appeared and wasn't there to begin with before the finger was on the touchscreen. so as a layperson, i wouldn't expect a pointerrawupdate event to be fired there as it's not a change as such, but an appearance of a new pointer that yes happens to have a particular button state. unless it's splitting hairs too much?

That's also a fair interpretation that I didn't think of. If we go with this then indeed the current wording is fine and makes sense not to fire `pointerrawupdate` at all. 

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