Re: [pointerevents] Add new section explaining coalesced and predicted events (#364)

This is awesome!  Thanks for taking care to add this.

I have a few minor comments/questions, mostly around pulling some more text into your new section:

A. In 5.1, the big text explanation right after `getCoalescedEvents` and `getCoalescedEvents` seems to belong to the new Section 11.  Can we move the big text into it and add a link to the new section in each of `getCoalescedEvents` and `getCoalescedEvents`?

B. The image about prediction needs to show the direction of drawing, otherwise it would be very confusing.  Also, can we perhaps zoom in one part of the curve where we have two non-overlapping prediction-lines?  ("Too many ~~cooks~~points spoil the ~~broth~~image!" :smile:)

C. This is subjective, but in an introduction I prefer very focused code examples (no `mousemove`, `maxTouchPoints`, "keyboard events" etc).

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