Re: [pointerevents] Implement penover / pendown / penmove / penup events and similar for other new pointer types. (#359)

yeah i'll admit that to me this would feel like a step back, philosophically - as we're trying to get devs to think in more device/input agnostic ways first and foremost. and if they *want* to handle events differently, it doesn't seem to onerous for them to switch/case when they get a pointer event to then have different behaviour at that point. also *if* new classes/types of pointer become popular in future, we'd then need to reinvent further companion events again (e.g. the mentioned eraser, or microsoft dial, as pointers ... it'd be trivial currently to just extend the type values to allow for these, but then magicking up eraserdown/eraserup/etc seems exactly the sort of thing we wanted to avoid by having a generic input-agnostic model)

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