Re: [pointerevents] Update azimuth/altitude/tiltX/tiltY to not require default values in pointer events web idl (#323)

> @liviutinta btw, did this solve our implementation problem we see in Chromium code for "has*" functions?

Yes, removing default values for `tiltX`, `tiltY`, `altitudeAngle`, `azimuthAngle` in the `pointer_event.idl` and `pointer_event_init.idl` files solves the problem we've had with "has*" functions. Now, the functions work as I originally expected: for all properties in the set (`tiltX`, `tiltY`, `altitudeAngle`, `azimuthAngle`) with no value in the init dictionary the corresponding "has*" function returns false. 

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Received on Thursday, 4 June 2020 21:06:56 UTC