Re: [pointerevents] It is not possible to generate one set of angle values from other set (#321)

@domenic from my perspective, what I'd like to achieve is:
* we've crammed two different ways of describing a stylus/pen/pencil spatial orientation into the spec, because different authors will find either method easier/more aligned with what feels more natural to them (and it mirrors two different low-level APIs available on different platforms and the kinds of values they return)
* we want to avoid forcing authors having to calculate both representations of a particular orientation they want when defining synthetic events - as the whole point was that authors can choose either the `tiltX`/`tiltY` or `altitudeAngle`/`azimuthAngle` way of looking at it because it's most natural/suitable/convenient to them in their app, it would then seem odd to require them to pre-calculate themselves what both representations are.

The idea with the events is (based on the latests changes) that regardless of what the browsers get from the OS, they calculate the matching pair of values themselves. I'd like the same convenience (and speed) for synthetic events generated by authors somehow.

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