[pointerevents] new commits pushed by patrickhlauke

The following commits were just pushed by patrickhlauke to https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents:

* add altitudeAngle/azimuthAngle
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* update description for tilt/angle

Harmonize on "MUST be 0", and ensure that the value of one type of attributes is not accidentally required to be zero if later we say implementations must backfill the missing one.
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Expand sentence about create PEs with only one set of angle values

Clarification that the sentence referred to untrusted (synthetic) PEs
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Add informative section to show conversion between tiltX/tiltY and altitudeAngle/azimuthAngle
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Tweak conversion code to account for rad/deg difference
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Correct and expand azimuthAngle/altitudeAngle definitions

- correct the X-Z -> X-Y plane error
- expand the definitions to be more understandable
- add the special case of perpendicular pen having an azimuthAngle of 0 (as it could theoretically be any angle since)
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Update conversion code example
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Further corrections to conversion algorithm
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Tweak conversion formula

- add more special-casing to handle potential for `altitudeAngle` being `0`
- HTML-encode `<` and `>` inside the `<code>` block
  by Patrick H. Lauke

* Merge pull request #316 from w3c/altitude-azimuth

add altitudeAngle/azimuthAngle
  by Patrick H. Lauke

Received on Thursday, 23 April 2020 20:15:45 UTC