Re: [pointerevents] touch-action:none and overflow:auto (#319)

> Now let's say that #target has content that is bigger than the screen (on a mobile phone). It does not overflow the #intermediate div. Should we allow default touch behaviour in this case? I tested on both Chrome and Firefox and I can scroll. Is that the correct behaviour based on the spec?

So in this case `#target` doesn't overflow `#intermediate` but `#intermediate` overflows `#container`? Based on Blink's current implementation that shouldn't work, `#intermediate` doesn't have overflow so we have to look all the way up to `#container` to compute the touch behavior which will see `touch-action:none`. I'm guessing it does work because the stale layout data is actually correct so we see `#intermediate` as scrollable but we could carefully setup a case where it fails.

As Gecko's behavior is to always treat `overflow:auto` as a scroller, we'd only look up to `#intermediate` to compute the touch behavior so scrolling should be allowed and that explains what you're seeing.

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Received on Thursday, 16 April 2020 17:36:26 UTC