Re: [pointerevents] Pen Button Events (#290)

the button on the shaft/barrel is, unsurprisingly, the barrel button (if you press the button and THEN touch the digitizer, `buttons` registers as `2` - it appears though that it doesn't register for a hovering stylus, nor does it register if you've already started touching the screen with the stylus, with `buttons` registering `1` regardless of whether or not you're then pressing the barrel button).

turning the stylus and touching the screen registers as `buttons` value of `32` for the pen eraser.

now, what @gked is referring to, is that the eraser can also be pressed fully as a button (it requires far more pressure to click this than the simple eraser action). you'd typically do this with your thumb. and that currently doesn't seem to fire any pointer events and consequently doesn't register as any button.

now, in answer to the original question...i personally don't think this should be part of pointer events per se, mainly because (unless i've misunderstood its purpose or potential) that button doesn't actually work in conjunction with the position/coordinates of where the pen currently is. it's essentially a shortcut button that just happens to be on the stylus. so it feels more like it should be some UIEvent that it fires, rather than a pointer event per se?

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