Re: [pointerevents] Clarify coalesce events and predicted event's target (#280)

@annevk what do you mean the memory of the event path?
This all is more or less explained in this draft as well. But just to reiterate. They will have the coordinates of the event path and they go back to the last event that was dispatched to js. So for example if js is keeping the main thread busy they wouldn't receive any event until they are done running the js code. Then they will get one move event and all the other move events that have happened  during this busy time as coalesced events of that dispatched event. Note that the coalesced events aren't hit-tested by themselves (maybe this is the confusion). So it is not like that they will have their own targets. They just return the same target as the dispatched event. So when the dispatched target is protected against shadow DOM through normal dispatching algorithms steps these coalesced events will get that protection automatically. Is that more clear? 

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