Re: Merging extension into core PE v3 - steps to FPWD?

Hi Patrick,

Google would be happy with moving forward with that. Currently the main
features in V3 are

   - directional touch actions
   - getCoalescedEvents
   - getPredictedEvents
   - pointerrawupdate

that we believe are valuable and each have some potential developers to use


On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 5:18 AM Patrick H. Lauke <>

> Hi all,
> we'll discuss this in more detail in this week's call (details to follow
> in a separate email), but I wanted to raise this point explicitly: does
> the WG feel that it's time to merge the extension document into the core
> PE specification, and after that release the combined version as the
> First Public Working Draft for PE v3 (since we're already getting some
> initial reviews from TAG about aspects of the extension)?
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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