Re: Group decision to move Pointer Events 2 to proposed recommendation (please respond within one week)

Not having heard any objection, I'll assume that the group is happy 
moving forward with PR ? A positive response here, rather than silence, 
would be great, but not mandatory...

Also, we still have 
outstanding. I've not had a chance to deep-dive into what's really 
needed here. Navid, Olli, anybody able to at least make an initial stab 
at this?

Also, in related news, you've probably heard that WebKit are now 
apparently starting development of PE as well... (better late 
than never?)


On 11/09/2018 11:45, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm fairly certain we've had informal agreement for ages that the group 
> is ok to move forward with going to proposed recommendation, but I can't 
> seem to find (in minutes or email threads) an unambiguous vote or 
> decision to that effect.
> Could I therefore explicitly ask, for process' sake, members of this 
> group to please respond to this email and to indicate whether or not 
> they're happy for us to move PE2 to proposed recommendation? Please 
> respond, if possible, within one week of this email.
> Additionally, Philippe quite rightly pointed me to a handful of open 
> issues that need to be addressed before we can proceed:
> * - I see Navid is 
> already on the case here.
> * - seems like this is 
> just a matter of rewording prose; if so, I'll get on it today.
> * - I closed this, as I 
> don't think it's a simple/straightforward editorial change to make 
> (unless I'm missing something, this would require either manual addition 
> of CSS classes in the spec itself, or switching to Bikeshed)
> Thanks,
> Patrick

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