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On 12/07/2018 16:18, Olli Pettay wrote:
> Sorry, haven't had time to run tests, and I'm planning to be on vacation 
> next week or so.

Any quickfire comment on the fairly broken behavior I experienced using 
pen in Firefox (on Surface 3 with stylus and on desktop machine with Wacom)?
Known issues?

>>>>> * Firefox's PE implementation seems a bit broken still. I noticed, for
>>>>> one, that hovering a pen/stylus over the digitizer works correctly 
>>>>> (and
>>>>> the pointer is identified as as hovering "pen"), but as soon as the 
>>>>> pen
>>>>> touches the digitizer it's all of a sudden reported as "touch". The
>>>>> pressure attribute doesn't seem to change either. This happened both
>>>>> when testing the Wacom and the basic stylus on Surface 3.
>>>>> * In Firefox, both twist and tangentialPressure are present but remain
>>>>> zero.

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