Re: [pointerevents] Touch/Trackpad finger position

I understand, but that is actually the point.

For example, on macbook's "preview" app, you can save your hand written signature.
The way you can sign is totally intuitive! You simply sign it in your trackpad. It doesn't matter where the pointer is. You have the area for you to write and that's all (you don't need to press the trackpad area, just touch it and move the finger, and you can even jump or skip areas like spaces between letters or lines). That is an experience that is just impossible for us to offer our users, using web technologies. I can think of interesting use-cases for games too.
Also, developer tools could use this to emulate gestures and touches.

Maybe we wouldn't need to scale the trackpad to the screen. Instead, we might have an API in which the user(developer) specifies the size of the rectangle they want to represent the trackpad.

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Received on Monday, 11 December 2017 03:47:23 UTC