Re: [pointerevents] Extend pointer events to support raw trackpad data

A few questions for @scottlow on the design in Edge:
1. What does 'navigator.maxTouchPoints' return on a PTP device with no touchscreen?
2. Are the pointer/hover media queries impacted as if there was a real touch screen?
3. How are the co-ordinates scaled to map from the touchpad surface?
4. If I call 'releasePointerCapture' for one of these fake points, how will hit-testing behave?
5. For zoom operations, how does hit-testing behave? Can the two pointers get targetted to different elements / frames?

In terms of the Interop risk, I expect the main developer pain point to continue to be the difference in presence of wheel events.  So I don't think this is net-worse than today (I can see an argument for it being net-positive for Edge, even without a path for Chrome to be able to match).

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Received on Friday, 8 December 2017 03:27:33 UTC