Re: [pointerevents] The behavior of getCoalescedEvent in pointerevent_constructor.html is inconsistent with the spec

No. The test is creating those coalesced events with the same dictionary. With the exception of target the rest of the attributes are being set of the same dictionary and hence are the same. However, I remember @smaug---- mentioning about the target and I did tell him that in Chrome we do set the target of all the events including the target. To me target is a little different as js doesn't set it explicitly. They just fire the event to a target and user agent sets the target attribute as well as other related attributes affected by the target like offsetX/Y of the events. So we extend this model to include coalesced events as well. Would it make sense? Do you have any suggestion on the spec to make it clearer if you believe this behavior is reasonable?

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Received on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 16:38:26 UTC