Re: [pointerevents] What should be the width/height of touch pointerUp?

@mingchou to my understanding yes. But more accurately we report what the device reports us. So the device is in charge of translating that geometry to a number. If it can report a valid width and height for a hovering pointer we should be using that.

@mustaqahmed I believe the decision for the width/height=1 for mouse was that if we had a device that doesn't support reporting the width/height we set it to undefined and since the undefined value was problematic for the existing web we decided to call the undefined the value 1 (which could also be a real value reported by the device).
Following the same reasoning we can just set the pointerup for touch (or any other pointer) to 1 if we didn't get any valid width/height from underlying API. Does that sound reasonable?
Then if a device wants to define a default value or have the capability of calculating the width/height for the hovering touch (or any other pointer) they can just report that number and will use that.

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Received on Thursday, 2 November 2017 20:48:06 UTC