Re: [pointerevents] What should be the width/height of touch pointerUp?

Whatever we do, all pointer types should reflect it.  We shouldn't treat "touch" in a special way.

This is somewhat related to #65 where we discussed hovering width/height for mouse.  The discussion there suggests to me that _not_ resetting width/height on `pointerup` is a better option:
- For paint apps that would possibly care the most about width & height (e.g. Rick's [paint.html](, reporting the last contact geometry on the `pointerup` event removes the need to cache last known dimensions.
- If some digitizers report default non-zero constant values, we shouldn't hide them.  E.g. if a "thick" stylus tip causes the digitizer to report high width & height, the hovering cursor of the stylus could be wider than normal when possible, to let the painter know (before the pen touches the surface) that pen's stroke is wider.
- Both Chrome and Edge mouse reports width=height=1 for a while already.  We shouldn't change it even for a hovering mouse pointer unless there is a specific use case we want to support.

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