Re: [pointerevents] Imperative API to request suppression of panning and zooming

I also think a CSS based approach is better. But adding millisecond-level granularity seems too much because we really don't want to allow an arbitrary delay for hold-drag or anything else, right?

The `unless-long-press` idea proposed in #178 seems cleaner from that perspective: there is only a single (and "established") delay threshold to worry about.

If we go for a Promise-based approach, the involved delay should be obvious in the API IMO.  In particular, `tryDisableTouchActions` could be misleading because the name seems to suggest "disable _now_ if possible" (as if the Promise would complete immediately---rejected if panning/zooming has started already, resolved otherwise).  Does `disableTouchActionOnLongPress` sound better?

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Received on Friday, 8 September 2017 15:47:51 UTC