Re: [pointerevents] Define a low latency event that isn't occur in the document lifecycle

It's always possible to get the element under the pointer via `window.elementFromPoint` (which could be caching if it's the current mouse pointer position on a per-mouse-move bases) - if someone is wanting a really high speed from the mouse then it's more likely that it'll be using WebGL or Canvas, or interested in the delta rather than the element under it (which is unlikely to change much between rAF based `mouseover` / `mouseenter` events).

The only things that are needed from a `MouseEvent` / `TouchEvent` are the position and type - for the mouse it's `pageX` / `pageY` / `which`, but touch has `changedTouches` with a little more detail on it. If gamepads also got added (as an addition to the Gamepad API) then it would likely have yet more attributes (but that would be subject to a different discussion) ;-)

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Received on Monday, 14 August 2017 10:41:37 UTC