[pointerevents] new commits pushed by NavidZ

The following commits were just pushed by NavidZ to https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents:

* Define the interation of drag operation vs capture

Release the pointer capture if there is any right
before the drag operation starts. In other words,
if a capturing pointer caused the drag right
before the dragstart event is fired to the page
lostpointercapture event should be sent for
that pointer.
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Dispatch pointer cancel before drag operation starts
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Fix another paragraph regarding lostpointercapture
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Merge branch 'upstream-gh-pages' into dnd-vs-capture
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Move the paragraph to a better place
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Move the text around
  by Navid Zolghadr

* Merge pull request #201 from NavidZ/dnd-vs-capture

Define the interation of drag operation vs capture
  by Navid Zolghadr

Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 19:55:24 UTC