[pointerevents] Mouse back/forward buttons: page navigation or JS events?

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== Mouse back/forward buttons: page navigation or JS events? ==
In all browsers I tested (Edge, FF on Linux, Chrome on Linux/Android), the back/forward button-downs in a 5-button mouse performs backward/forward page navigation. This is true even in full-screen mode for FF & Chrome (Edge doesn't seem to have the mode).

So the X1(back) and X2(forward) <code>button</code>/<code>buttons</code> values in the spec seem useless in all current implementations!

If we want to standardize a reasonable behavior here, I see the following possibilities from "most breaking" to "least":
- **A. Expose all pointerdown events w/o any page navigation**. This seems to be too breaking in terms of user experience given the consistency in current browsers.
- **B. Make page navigation the default action for pointerdown with button=back/forward**, so canceling the event would suppress page navigations. This also seems bad because page navigation depends on where you click.
- **C. Allow page navigation outside full-screen mode only**. If the only scenario where back/forward <code>button</code>/<code>buttons</code> values could be useful is full-screen gaming, then the spec should say so, and leave the current non-full-screen behavior unchanged.
- **D. Make page navigation cancelable only in full-screen mode**. This is like B+C.
- **E. Drop back/forward button values from PointerEvent spec.**


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Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16:29:01 UTC