[pointerevents] touch-action doesn't allow for press-hold-drag UX

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== touch-action doesn't allow for press-hold-drag UX ==
In some mobile UX the user can scroll by swiping and also hold their 
finger for awhile to "pick up" an item which they can then drag 
around.  Since you can't change`touch-action` after the `pointerdown` 
(but before the finger has moved enough to actually scroll), this sort
 of UX can't be built with pointer events.

I suppose one answer is that such UX should just be built using HTML5 
DnD primitives, and I am a little ashamed that this works on Edge but 
not Chrome ;-).  But I think there's still [an 
 for allowing sites to build their own "press-hold-drag" behavior.

I wonder if we could relax the touch-action rules such that the page 
could still change the value right up until the action has actually 

@jacobrossi @teddink did you ever run into any complaints about this?

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