Re: [pointerevents] Behaviour of dblclicks is not specified

Thanks for raising this!  I'm not sure if this issue belongs here or 
UI Events, but for now let's not worry about that.  /cc @garykac 

I'm the one who pushed for sending `dblclick` for touchscreen in 
Chrome (which BTW we used to do ONLY on desktop not mobile - yuck).  
My argument was that we want to allow developers to use high-level 
abstractions where appropriate for maximum UI consistency (time 
between taps) and accessibility and quality (edge cases like detecting
 a double-tap on the border of an iframe can be problematic for 
script).  It's also part of the pointer events philosophy to provide 
pointer-agnostic APIs, while allowing developers to customize 
per-pointer when desired.

@teddink @smaug---- do you have any good arguments for NOT firing 
`dblclick` for a double tap, while still firing `click` for a single 
tap in Edge and Gecko?

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Received on Thursday, 19 January 2017 15:57:53 UTC