RE: Regreat for next few weekly calls

Yes indeed – sorry for your loss Patrick.

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Sorry to hear that Patrick!  No worries, we'll manage :-)

I'm on a plane on Wed so can't chair a call then (probably - in-flight WiFi is a beutiful thing!).  I could 11/23 if there is interest though.

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 6:44 AM, Patrick H. Lauke <<>> wrote:
And yes, that should have read "regrets" not "regreat"...

On 14/11/2016 15:39, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
Due to a death in the family, I am currently in Germany to sort out a
myriad of administrative things. As such, I will be unable to take part
in the weekly calls in the upcoming weeks.

In my absence, feel free to do the weekly call (potentially with Rick
taking on a chairing role?), or to just iterate over issues on
GitHub/mailing list.


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