Re: [pointerevents] pointerType: 'dial'

@dtapuska wrote:
> That is a terribly abused API. 

How do you mean? Using it for haptic feedback is precisely what it's 
intended for, per the spec abstract: "Vibration is a form of tactile 

You may have reason to believe the Vibration API is ineffective or 
suboptimal, but it's clearly intended for haptic feedback.

> Chrome is trying to limit it's use. My main concern is what is the 
target latency of haptic
> feedback and whether a web browser can actually hit it. 

That seems like a reasonable concern. Also, how quickly can you turn 
off a vibration / haptic pattern once it's started, if the UI state 
has moved on (e.g. the user quickly skips to another option)?

Do you have another suggestion for haptic feedback? I guess you knew 
what answer your original question was likely to elicit, so maybe you 
have something else in mind?

> Or whether it is a described API of when haptic feedback is applied 
at certain steps.

I'm not sure what you mean here. (Maybe the same start/stop issue I 
noted above?)

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