Re: [pointerevents] Should pressure be set to 1 or .5 on devices that don't report it?

The argument in the past is that most code that uses any pointer property
won't handle the supported vs. not-supported case and so we should have
sensible defaults that reflect "typical" use.  If knowing support vs.
non-support is useful, then we should add properties like
'supportsPressure' to InputDeviceCapabilities.

I don't have a strong preference on this vs. the alternative of having
sentinal values that indicate not supported, but we should be consistent
across the properties.

On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Navid Zolghadr via GitHub <>

> I wonder if we better expose the fact that the pressure is not
> supported by the underlying device somehow. I believe I suggested this
>  before and I was told that for some compat reason we should have a
> sensible value for pressure. So uninitialized value for pressure
> wouldn't work. Then maybe having another field saying whether pressure
>  is supported or not? So that we go with value 1 or 0.5 either way
> applications who want to care can check whether that value means
> anything or not. In that case the choice of 1 or 0.5 will have less
> significance I guess.
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