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07 Sep 2016

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patrick_h_lauke, Mustaq_Ahmed, Rick_Byers, teddink, shepazu, 
Navid_Zolghadr, scott_gonzalez

any other interesting issues?
implementation status
Summary of Action Items
Summary of Resolutions
proposed agenda was: 

we don't have anybody from Mozilla on just yet. waiting another minute or so

<scribe> Scribe: patrick_h_lauke
Rick: we have TPAC in 2 weeks, let's prep for that
... as said in F2F, hopefully by TPAC we can compare outstanding data 
and resolve v2 blocking list, debates that would keep chrome from shipping

we feel like we're ready to ship, been on dev channel, feel confident

we don't need to wait for REC, but want to make sure rest of group is 
comfortable with our implementation

decide if we can merge reduced hit-test spec to master, and ship

doesn't mean can't change post ship, but would reduce compat concerns

Ted: that sounds fair

Patrick: any concerns about merging reduced hit-test branch?

not hearing any objections, but would be good to send to list with a 
"speak now or hold your peace until after TPAC"

Rick: Ted please take it to your team to just double-check

Ted: i should have a machine running our build that should patch that 
spec for TPAC

Shepazu: do we think we'll need both TPAC days? Mon/Tues?

Rick: what was the arrangement with TPAC?

Patrick: we have the room for both days, but fluid how much advantage we 
take of that

Shepazu: we have observer request, so they need to know

Rick: let's come up with a proposed schedule now and let observers know

Patrick: probably easier to do on email than in call

Rick: agree let's do on list

then we can let observers know

Patrick: we have observer request from Wacom, which is great

[general discussion on "should we do morning on Monday, afternoon on 
Tuesday" etc]

Rick: should we use w3c wiki, or github wiki

<scribe> ACTION: rick and patrick to set up wiki page, discussion to 
happen on list about proposed times/clashes with other groups, etc 
[recorded in http://www.w3.org/2016/09/07-pointerevents-irc]
<rbyers> https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/29

Rick: we're doing an intent to ship, everybody agrees it's right. if the 
spec goes out w/out this it would be shame, but we'd then just document it

so let's take it off v2-block. objections?

Patrick: not hearing objections.

Rick: realistically people who would most likely object are 
Mozilla/Firefox, but we can discuss further at TPAC

<rbyers> https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/6
Ted: what about https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/6

Rick: important to us, as devs solve problems with touch events that 
they can't with pointer events

only thing missing is just test

i expect by TPAC this should be closed as dtapuska has submitted PR that 
just needs review

<rbyers> Implicit capture: https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/8
this is big one, as it's related to reduced hit-testing (branch)

from F2F we agreed to collect additional data to resolve this


this likely to be a topic at TPAC too

we have outstanding issue https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/61 
but as far as issue 8, we have branch and want to check compat impact

we discussed pointer capture API, which we now have

we're hoping for an experiment in chrome beta relating to this, to 
gather data

[discussion about data of websites in wild and how many use pointer events]

based on initial dev-channel data, less than 1% of sites use PE

also agreed at F2F to have flag in chrome to switch implicit capture 
behavior to match edge

NavidZ (?): hoping to have this flag in for TPAC

Rick: that's it for action items from F2F. other action was on MS to 
have machine with updated build in time for TPAC

for people not on call, i'll include summary and give status update in 
our pre-TPAC email

Rick: getting back to list, we hope to resolve 6, and that will leave 8 
and 61 as only v2-blockers for TPAC

and we hope to resolve (or have concrete plan to resolve) at end of TPAC

any other interesting issues?

Mustaq: [more mention of https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/61]

Ted: will discuss with Jacob, but we seem to warm to this

Rick: back to main topic, there are many small issues, but nothing that 
seems to have compat risk

wider question: are there any issues currently not marked as v2-blocking 
that have real compat risk

Ted: nothing i'm aware of

Rick: after TPAC we should switch to clean-up mode to make sure smaller 
issues resolved, but for now let's focus on blockers and compat risks

and get to stage where we can ship

implementation status

Mustaq: Chrome has minor bug fixes, but nothing of major concern, so 
confident we can go to stable soon

Rick: we're running most tests automated now

NavidZ: some of the tests are new/different from what we had before, as 
they need different environment/devices, but this is being resolved

dtapuska: still more to do for pinch-zoom, web platform tests to be 
added to chromium tree, we already have approved intent to ship

and directional touch-action

Patrick: if there's no other topics, I'd say action on me/Rick to sort 
out TPAC logistics. will set up a wiki page on the w3c wiki (as that's 
more appropriate for administrivia relating to the group, rather than 
being spec-specific the way GH is). want to get this out by end of this 
week, to give observers / potential observers enough time to work out 
when/where we'll be

Call next week, or skip as it's only another week then until TPAC?

Rick: if any of the email threads coming out of today's call get any 
major discussion that can't be resolved on list, let's do call, 
otherwise let's plan NOT to have call next week

Ted: sounds good

Patrick: agreed

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: rick and patrick to set up wiki page, discussion to happen 
on list about proposed times/clashes with other groups, etc [recorded in 

Summary of Resolutions

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