Re: Universal Stylus

> On 26/08/2016 17:35, Rick Byers wrote:
>> 3. The property can't be used to uniquely identify a user - for web
>>    privacy reasons (i.e. serial numbers can't be exposed to the web as
>>    a result).
> Unfortunately, I think the properties listed (Transducer Serial Number, Preferred Color,  Preferred Line Width, Preferred Line Style) may fall foul of this (particularly the TSN, the others could be used to at least infer/narrow down users). I think one thing that *would* be nice would be to ensure that the same transducer always gets the same pointerId across interactions (not the same as the TSN, but unique for the duration of the browser/tab session)

Perhaps stating the obvious - but - the idea is that I can upload into my stylus my preferred color (I like purple because it’s a corporate color) and width (I tend to write small so I like a fine tip pen) and where-ever (any application) whenever (even tomorrow) I will get those settings by default.

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