Re: Universal Stylus

Cool, thanks!

As discussed here <>,we're
happy to add more properties to PointerEvent when:

   1. The property is explicitly exposed/documented in the system APIs of
   at least one major OS (browsers generally want to rely only on officially
   documented/supported APIs in the underlying OSes)
   2. There is at least one commercially available device that supports
   that property on such an OS (for testing purposes)
   3. The property can't be used to uniquely identify a user - for web
   privacy reasons (i.e. serial numbers can't be exposed to the web as a

I haven't read the doc in detail yet, perhaps it also says something about
whether or not "hovering eraser
<>" should be supported as a
distinct operation from eraser contact and pen contact while holding an
eraser button?


On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 5:40 PM, Fleck, Dave <> wrote:

> The Universal Stylus Initiative is an industry effort to provide
> interoperable styli on a wide range of devices. Intel recently demo’d
> multiple styli on a unit at their IDF conference using some early USI
> compatible hardware. Information is available here:
> I’ve attached an app note on the API that was recently made public. Most
> of the “common” pen data features are already supported in PE, but the
> following are not:
> Transducer Serial Number
> Preferred Color
> Preferred Line Width
> Preferred Line Style
> There’s also some Inertial Measurement Unit data, but that’s pretty
> esoteric at this point.
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