Re: [pointerevents] Stylus eraser: should it be a new pointerType instead of a button state?

To clarify the current behavior:

- for Wacom-style pen with eraser at the other end / with stylus 
flipped, the eraser end itself is pressure sensitive just like the 
regular tip. hovering the pen (even when flipped) over the digitizer 
surface registers no active buttons; once you touch the eraser tip to 
the digitizer, you get `buttons==32` and the relevant `pressure`, so 
this scenario is not a concern I'd say (as I'd posit this is the same 
behavior as any other pens that require the user to flip to 
erase...the erase button itself is only pressed/registered once it 
touches the digitizer surface)

- testing the Surface pen, where eraser is an actual button, it seems 
that somewhere (in the device itself, or the driver) there's some 
cleverness built-in: when hovering the pen, I can press the eraser 
button and no `buttons` are registered. only if i keep the eraser 
button pressed when then touching the actual screen do i get 
`buttons==32`; so once again, this scenario is not a concern. question
 is: are there any other types of pen/stylus with an eraser button 
where pressing the eraser button in mid-air DOES actually register as 
a button press? these would be the only scenario that's of concern

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Received on Thursday, 25 August 2016 20:05:56 UTC