Re: [pointerevents] Stylus eraser: should it be a new pointerType instead of a button state?

On 24/08/2016 23:44, Rick Byers via GitHub wrote:
> Interesting.  Maybe the biggest question here is "should pressing the
> eraser button be distinguishable from using a pen inverted".  I assume
>  there are art use cases where the user does really expect for these
> to be different operations, right?

I admit to not having played around with this too much with my Wacom 
tablet, but fundamentally I would still perceive the pen as being a 
single "pen" type even when flipped. Whether it's a flipped pen (like 
the Wacom stylus) or the pen in the same orientation but with the eraser 
button pressed (like on the Surface) seems more of a skeuomorphic 
gimmick / usability issue to me...the end result is still that the user 
wants to erase something with their pen.

I'm not sure if there are pens that have BOTH an eraser button AND can 
be used inverted.

> Does anyone know if apps like
> Photoshop these differently today?
> If we did introduce a new "eraser" `pointerType`, would we also use a
> different `pointerId` (and so get a leave/enter pair when the pen is
> flipped)?

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