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== Standardize CSS pseudoclass behavior for touch ==
`:hover`/`:active` CSS pseudoclasses are well defined and mostly 
interoperable for mouse input.  But behavior differs radically for 

Scenarios that should be supported across all pointer types with some 
1. Will the element be clicked on lift.   This is `:hover:active` in 
Chrome today and in Edge when touch events are disabled, no built-in 
solution on Edge with touch events enabled).
2. Will the element be clicked if the pointer is moved back into it's 
bounds and lifted.  I think this is `:active` in Chrome and Edge.
3. Is the pointer over top of the element.  This is `:hover` in Edge, 
but due to #8 there's no built-in solution in Chrome.  Perhaps we 
should define a new pseudo-class like `:over` for this? 

This will ultimately be a CSS feature (certainly not a PE feature), 
but should probably be incubated in WICG initially.  Tracking here for
 now due to the interest of PEWG members and [discussion at the PE 
  Next step is probably to create a WICG GitHub repo with an explainer
 for a specific proposal and solicit feedback on www-style.

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