Re: [pointerevents] Spec text should clarify what touch-action allows with rotated scrollable elements

Yeah we discussed this a bit 
 but I was sloppy.  There's two things being conveyed by this 
1. All directions should be interpreted relative to the "screen" 
co-ordinate space.
2. Up/down/left/right represent the opposite direction of finger 
travel (i.e. typically the direction in which panning would occur 
ignoring rotated iframes).

IIRC we went through a few edits of this text trying to come up with 
something concise that was accurate.  Clearly we missed the 
non-direction-specific case.  More importantly IMHO, we failed to add 
a test case for this.  Let's use this bug to track fixing both.

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Received on Monday, 25 July 2016 01:24:03 UTC