Re: [pointerevents] Spec implies lost/gotpointercapture is delayed until the next pointer event but Edge does otherwise

Regarding the attributes of lost/gotpointercapture and the behavior of
 Edge here is what I found:
lostpointercapture attributes are always set to default except the 
pointerId. Even an attribute like primary is set to false for a mouse 

gotpointercapture is always set to the pointerdown attributes if it 
was fired right after pointerdown. 
If it is fired right before the synthetic pointermove both the 
synthetic poinermove and gotpointercapture attributes are set to the 
last pointerevent attributes except the button which is always set to 
-1 which makes sense as the last pointerevent might have happened as a
 result of a button press.

So I assume in the second scenario which Edge sends a synthetic 
pointermove it does indeed cache the last pointerevent. 

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Received on Thursday, 14 July 2016 14:46:33 UTC