Re: [pointerevents] Clarify click event firing for chorded buttons

Discussed on the call today.  We agree this is out of scope of Pointer
 Events. PE shouldn't be modifying the semantics of when click fires -
 that's up to UI Events.  @NavidZ is going to file an issue for UI 
Events saying that it should perhaps add a note clarifying that 
changes in other (non-primary) buttons is irrelevant.

Note that Chrome still has [a long outstanding 
bug]( here 
that we're in the process of trying to fix - we fire `click` when any 
button is lifted.  When fixed, TEST 2 above will behave as follows:

pointerdown with button = 0 buttons = 1
pointermove with button = 1 buttons = 5
pointermove with button = 1 buttons = 1
pointerup with button = 0 buttons = 0
click with button = 0 buttons = 0

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Received on Wednesday, 6 July 2016 16:15:59 UTC