[pointerevents] Determining the primary pointer - note about mice?

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== Determining the primary pointer - note about mice? ==
makes an implicit assumption that there will never be more than one 
concurrent mouse input

> a pointer is considered primary if: [...] The pointer represents a 
mouse device.

This of course reflects the current reality where no OS allows for 2 
or more mice to be active (in most cases, it seems the OS simply 
"combines" more than one mouse/trackpad - any relative movement on 
those multiple mice is simply applied to the one mouse pointer, 
buttons are treated the same across all mice [though i've not tested 
if chording works across multiple mice, i.e. if i press right mouse 
button on one and left mouse button on the other if they're then 
counted as a chorded left-and-right mouse button press]).

Is it worth adding an informative note about this somewhere in Just so that the above assumption and explanation of why 
there's only ever one mouse and it will always be isPrimary? Further, 
do we think there's ever going to be the possibility that a device/OS 
will allow multiple concurrent mice, and if so should we generalise 
the bullet list to determine the primary mouse, but then note that in 
practice there's only ever one mouse pointer?

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