Re: [pointerevents] Issue with compatibility mouse events and inconsistency with mouse pointerevent

Appears that we have a bug in Edge - thanks for the discussion.

The behavior should be #1 as stated above, which translates to:

---- Step 1 ----
pointerover (id=1) on green
mouseover on green
pointerenter (id=1) on green
mouseenter on green
---- Step 2 ----
pointerover (id=134) on blue
mouseover on blue
pointerenter (id=134) on blue
mouseenter on blue
pointerout (id=134) on blue
mouseout on blue
pointerleave (id=134) on blue
mouseleave on blue
---- Step 3 ----
mouseover on green

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Received on Friday, 4 March 2016 22:48:34 UTC