[pointerevents] equivalent of rotationAngle from Touch Events?

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== equivalent of rotationAngle from Touch Events? ==
Though hardware support doesn't seem all too great (I had to go on the
 hunt for a second-hand Nexus 10 in order to test/add this to my 
tracker demo), wondering if there's mileage in spec-ing something 
equivalent to Touch Events' `rotationAngle` in version 2? 


If yes, how would this affect `width`/`height`? Would we still want to
 keep them as the rectangular bounding box (aligned with the screen 
axes), or modify them to act as `radiusX`/`radiusY`?

This may even be seen as a generalisation of 
https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/25 - not exclusive to 
pen/stylus, but to touch as well, as conceptually they're the same?

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