Re: [pointerevents] Add Pen Rotation

> Don't have a device at hand to test right now, but isn't a barrel 
rotation going to already result in the tiltX/tiltY changing (as I'm 
assuming the tilt will reference some idealised "zero position" of the
 pen, so rotating it will result in a different set of angles)?

I don't think so.  There's three axis of movement possible here.  Eg. 
imagine the pen pointing straight up and down so tiltX and tiltY are 
fixed.  Now roll the pen between your fingers - rotation changes 
without changing either tilt.

> Also, Surface pen doesn't support tilt as far as I know, only 
pressure (and no, nothing specific about rotation either)

Oh sorry, @patrickhlauke I was thinking your stylus video (showing 
tilt) was with a Surface.  What device was that again?  I guess I 
better get one too.

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