[pointerevents] Considering adding an API to get pre-coalesced points

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== Considering adding an API to get pre-coalesced points ==
When a web app is slow, most browsers will coalesces multiple movement
 events into a single one (with the latest position only).  This is 
perfect for scenarios that care most about minimizing latency, but 
unfortunate for scenarios (like art applications) where maximum motion
 detail is required.  Similarly, many OSes will artificially align 
input to v-sync for maximum motion smoothness, but for drawing 
scenarios it's really the raw points the app wants.

 are similarly batched and expose a history API (eg. 
 int))) to get all the original raw points.  iOS 9 adds a 
`coalescedTouchesForTouch` API for this ([sample 

Perhaps `PointerEvent` should have a similar API?  Eg. 
`getCoalescedEvents` that returns an array of `PointerEvent` instances
 for the same pointerId?

I don't think this is particularly urgent (the art scenarios are 
fairly niche), but may become so if we want to block #9 on this.

See https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/22

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