Re: Future of Pointer Events WG?

+public-pointer-events (did you include public-touchevents by mistake?).

Sounds like our options are:
1) Extend the PEWG charter in preparation for publishing a Level 2 REC
2) Broaden the charter of the TECG to include both touch events and pointer
events and continue work there until we have a candidate spec we want to
start down the publishing process.

Do these options effect what mailing lists we use?  Eg. if we go with #2,
can we continue to use public-pointer-events for continuity?

I do expect we'll want to publish a PE Level 2 spec within a year or so.
If that's just as easy with either option then I don't have a strong


On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 1:28 PM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> Hi, folks–
> Earlier this year, our current charter was extended until 09 November
> 2015. We had just published the Pointer Events spec as a Recommendation,
> and the Community Group was formed, and wanted to figure out what our next
> steps are.
> We need to decide if we're going to create a new charter for review by the
> Advisory Committee, and if so, what the deliverables would be, and what the
> timelines should be.
> Right now, I'm not convinced we need a Working Group to continue in our
> current state. I think the Community Group might be enough for now; We need
> a Working Group to publish Rec-track documents, but we don't have any
> publications scheduled, and it's not certain when we will have.
> This mailing list can remain for any necessary discussions.
> Our occasional telcons are useful for keeping track of implementation
> progress and bug reports, but we can have those even without a formal
> Working Group.
> In the Community Group, we can continue the discussions, and develop a new
> draft of the spec (or other specs); once we have a clearer idea what our
> charter should contain, we can recharter this WG, or charter a new WG with
> a broader scope, as needed.
> I can continue to help out, as needed. I'm being pulled into other work
> (W3C is always understaffed, and the Web Payments work needs some
> resources), but I can always make time for this group.
> Thoughts? Should we recharter in November, or should we close the Pointer
> Events WG and operate as a Community Group until we need to charter a
> formal WG again?
> Regards–
> –Doug

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