Re: Hover click with pointer events

On 22/04/2015 15:47, Timothy Dresser wrote:
> The pointer event spec currently has no way of expressing a button press
> on a hovering pen
> ( There is no
> allowed value for |buttons| if a pen is hovering with a button pressed.
> This is supported by modern styli, for instance the Wacom Bamboo has a
> "Hover Click" feature (described on page 43 of
> Is this a scenario we want to enable?

I'd actually love to see this scenario enabled (being able to get button 
states on hovered stylus/pen).

 From some basic testing I just did with a Surface 3 and Surface Pen, it 
seems that the "eraser" and "right-click" buttons are not passed on when 
hovering (though in the case of the latter, Windows itself does 
recognise that it's pressed, as it displays an additional visual circle 
indicator on the "dot" that normally appears when hovering close enough 
to the screen). It's only once the pen tip touches the screen that 
e.buttons changes accordingly. (IE11/Win8.1 - don't have any means of 
testing the pen on a Win10/Edge setup just yet).

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